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Gambling in affiliate marketing: what you need to know

Gambling in affiliate marketing: what you need to know
Gambling in affiliate marketing: what you need to know

Gambling is one of the profitable verticals in traffic arbitrage: when choosing the right offer and creating a successful link, you can get 1,000% ROI. The niche is considered far from being an easy one and it has certain specifics in approaches. Below, we are taking a closer look at it.

What is gambling

Gambling is a niche in the field of traffic arbitrage involving the work with affiliate programs of online casinos and websites offering to gamble. Examples of gambling subtypes include:

● slots;

● roulette;

● poker rooms;

● lotteries;

● other types of card games.

An example of a creative with a lottery
An example of a creative with a lottery

Traffic arbitrage specialists (arbitrageurs) who meet the offer requirements and make high-quality traffic get payments according to the following main models:

● CPL – payment for registration. The payouts are low since the only requirement to users is to sign up on the casino website.

● CPA – payment for the deposit. To play, users should make the first deposit.

● Revenue Share or Revshare. Arbitrageurs get a percentage of all contributions and losses of the players they brought.

● Hybrid. It is a hybrid model that can combine CPA and Revshare.

How does gambling differ from betting and casino

Sometimes betting is considered a gambling subtype. Some affiliates offer to work with combined offers, including the services of bookmakers, casinos, and lotteries.

Betting is a vertical associated with bets and bids when it comes to, for example, sports betting, e-sports, and various competitions. In general, it deals with event offers related to international or local competitions.

An example of betting offers
An example of betting offers

Casinos and online casinos are part of gambling. But the concept of gambling is much broader and also refers to slots, poker, and other gambling entertaining activities.

How to choose offers in gambling

To select an offer, the following factors should be analyzed:

● GEO. Is gambling popular and/or legal in the country of interest? In countries and states where casinos are illegal, it will be more difficult to run traffic.

● Target audience. In some countries, the players are young men, whereas in others, the emphasis in advertising during segmentation can be placed on women-high rollers.

● Creatives. Are landing and pre-landing pages, apps, PWA, and other tools qualitative enough for running traffic? The produced visual effect directly influences conversions.

● Payout model. On its basis, a funnel can be built and calls to action can be made.

● Schedule, minimum payout, and hold. How often are payments made and are there any delays?

● Allowed and banned sources, types of traffic. Gambling affiliate programs are quite loyal to sources. But no affiliate program will deal with fraudsters.

Gambling in traffic arbitrage

After choosing an offer and analyzing the audience, it is necessary to formulate hypotheses for the sets of actions and conditions (bundles).

Most often, the following sources perform well in gambling:

● Push ads and teasers. They are easy to set up and have a relatively low cost per click. They are more efficient in Tier-3 countries where the level of banner blindness is minimal.

An example of a push notification
An example of a push notification

  • Facebook. In this source, it is possible to run traffic with a good cloaca and an anti-detect browser. It is important to have consumables in reserve: proxies, accounts, and virtual numbers. Traffic can be optimally run on PWA apps.

  • Other social networks: Instagram, Twitter, TikTok. Test them and build funnels. For example, from Instagram, traffic is directed to the Telegram channel, where it is heated up and merged into the offer.

  • Context in Google Ads (GDN, UAC), Bing. The approach is the same as on Facebook: to run traffic, one should have a cloaca, maximally whitewashed creatives for moderators, and an anti-detect browser.

  • YouTube and Twitch. Popular casino streamers regularly have incomes of over $50,000 per month.

  • In-App networks. It’s a complex source, and its usage requires training and experience. It isn’t recommended for beginners.

  • Alternative sources. Reddit, forums, personal website or blog, Huawei Ads.

Attention should be also paid to the targeting settings. Most of the audience is men aged 25-45 (but there are exceptions depending on the GEO). Their interests include computer games, movies, websites with adult content, and other entertainment. Most often, players have a full-time job and live in large cities.

In creatives, there can be used the following:

● images of money, roulette, or slot machine;

● promises of bonuses;

● schemes on how to beat the casino;

● emotional videos with people who won;

● native advertising with the news about winning.

An example of a creative
An example of a creative

All the bundles and their elements should be tested: offer – source – targeting – creative – landing page. Before starting running traffic, it is recommended to set up the tracker.

Countries where gambling is quite popular

In any GEO, there is an audience who wants to gamble. The motivation of players differs from country to country depending on their levels. Approaches to promoting offers should be different as well:

● in Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries, where the standards of living are lower, people play, hoping to win money, improve their finances, and quickly become rich to quit their hated job;

● in richer Tier-1 countries, gambling is a way of entertainment for solvent people who want to feel the drive, the taste of life, and experience strong emotions.

When running traffic to Tier-1 countries, payments for affiliate programs are higher than when it comes to less developed countries. On the other hand, in Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries, there is less competition and the audience is more loyal to ads. Moreover, there is a possibility of scaling up at expense of the number of attracted players.

Analyzing the trends of 2022, analysts and arbitrage teams have determined several GEOs that currently are the most efficient. These are Colombia, Chile, Poland, Latvia, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Japan, and Canada.

An example of a pre-landing page
An example of a pre-landing page


The gambling vertical is a profitable niche in the field of traffic arbitrage, however, it’s far from being an easy one. Not all traffic sources allow advertising casinos. Therefore, one should have consumables, a cloaca, and thoroughly consider bundles. To succeed, it’s necessary to test various approaches and constantly analyze all indicators and details of the traffic running.

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