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Free spy tool for adult advertising Spyteg


We have good news - our partner Spyteg spy tool for monitoring and analyzing adult advertising gives you 3 days free access to all data and features.

Free access is activate immediately after you click link.

Expires on December 12, 2021.

Your Opportunities with SPYTEG:

  • Monitoring of competitors and their winning campaigns;

  • Searching of profitable traffic sources;

  • Detailed analytics advertising campaigns;

  • Avoid mistakes of other affiliates;

  • Help to understand what hot in advertising now and which creatives should to use;

  • Besides native and banner it has video advertising;

  • The only one tool which shows detailed analysis of video advertising and downloads video ads in one click.

If you launch adult advertising campaigns and want to know winning combinations of competitors - it’s time to act now.

Be one step ahead of competitors!

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