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EasyAd provides a Private Proxy, Advertising Accounts, and Credit Cards.

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

If you are looking for the most effective marketing solution for advertising in one place, we are happy to present our partners from the EasyAd team. It's a team of like-minded friends and engaging people, that also seeks to enhance the world of affiliate marketing. So, how could these guys help you?

EasyAd provides the best digital services for campaign launchings:

  • Advertising accounts store;

  • High-quality private proxy;

  • Credit сards for advertising purchases.

Only for Datify.Link affiliates proposal: use a special promo code and get a 30% discount for the first 4 Facebook accounts. You could find your promo code on the dashboard or just ask your manager.

Sign up to Datify.Link platform and find special promo code on the dashboard.

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